Looking Back upon CSC148

The course CSC148 was definitely the first one to present interesting programming techniques and problems in the undergraduate program of computer science at the University of Toronto. After many hours dedicated to labs and assignments, I can say that I have a good understanding of recursive algorithms, a few abstract data structures, and some basic command line user interfaces in Python. Although the course itself could have been much more challenging (and it should be), it was overall a good experience and preparation for my academic future.

Me and my friends have disagreed on the ways some of the course content have been presented to us, and how the course could have been better if it was done in a lower level programming language (such as C++). We have even dreamed about the possibility of the faculty offering an enriched version of CSC148 with more in-depth exploration of data types in lower level languages. However, we were stuck with this course and I believe we made the best out of it. It was fun to solve problems and build solid applications with Python, and it was also good practice for future courses, such as CSC207.

As for a comparison of this course to its precursor, CSC108, this course definitely was more challenging, and requires a much deeper understanding of both Python and programming in general. Assignments, for example, are much more complex in CSC148. Additionally, examinations are slightly more complex in this course as well. In general, it is a considerable, yet not insurmountable, jump from CSC108.

I know I haven’t even mentioned the strike within this posts, and a part of me still feels like I shouldn’t. I mean it is definitely true that it was one of the major events throughout the course, but I feel that it’s not the best idea for me to voice my opinions about it here. Thus, I won’t be doing that. What I can say is that I am glad the strike is over, and that the wonderful TAs are back to look through my slightly interesting posts!

To all my classmates (who probably won’t read this), good luck with your life after CSC148,
Juan Camilo Osorio